Rules and Weigh Classes For MMA

While Mixed Fighting Styles (MMA) can be a growing sport there are numerous people around that also don't fully understand some elements of it. They might not realize that there are many different weight classes which in fact there are rules that have to be followed in any respect times. Recently the Ufc (UFC) merged with the WEC. Basically what this did would be to add two new weight classes towards the Ufc weight classes . The following are a list of some in the most frequent weight classes and what you are called. Often in the fight they are going to pass their names rather than how much class so it is important to determine what these are called. Super Bantamweight 125.1-135 lbs Featherweight 135.1-145 lbs Lightweight 145.1-155 lbs Super Lightweight 155.1-165 lbs Welterweight 165.1-175 lbs Super Welterweight 175.1-185 lbs Middleweight 185.1-195 lbs Super Middleweight 195.1-205 lbs Light Heavyweight 205.1-225 lbs Heavyweight 225.1-265lbs It needs to be noted that there are a couple of more weight classes however, these are a few with the more common ones. Women's weight courses are different. When it comes for the rules of MMA, most fight promotions get their own. However, for that greater degree all of these are very similar. Though there are a few rules that just about all with the fight promotions have. Usually the security of the fighters is involved using these rules. Some of the more prominent rules of MMA include the follow: No eye gouging or fish hooking, No biting, No groin attacks, No strikes to anywhere across the spine or back in the head, No knees to your grounded man's head, No intentional grabbing in the cage or ring, No hitting or grabbing the throat, No manipulation of toes or fingers, No fingers anywhere inside from the body, And finally no head butts. As you can see most of these are made with safety in mind. These sort of rules make MMA distinctive from street fighting. In street fighting anything goes and typically some of these products will happen. This is the reason Mma weight classes is not only a street fight and is also not human cockfighting as many people call it.

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